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Cleansing FAQ

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  • What is the difference between nutritional cleansing and other forms of cleansing?

    Nutritional cleansing updates the ancient practice of cleansing by using nutrients to aid the body with releasing impurities stored within. Fasting or cleansing with juices and broths rarely provides the nutrients to:

    • Promote complete cleansing
    • Sustain energy
    • Rebuild health
    • Prepare your body to perform at its peak
    • Sustain a healthy weight

    Nutritional cleansing provides life-enriching nutrients to strengthen your body's ability to cleanse and replenish naturally.

  • If cleansing helps you lose weight, how is that different than dieting?

    Cleansing involves the elimination of toxins while dieting does not. See this page for a more detailed explanation.

  • I've heard that some people lose weight quite fast while doing nutritional cleansing. Is this like rapid weight loss? I'm concerned because I've heard that rapid weight loss can be unhealthy.

    First, understand that the main purpose of nutritional cleansing is not necessarily weight loss. Nutritional cleansing assists the body to eliminate toxins that accumulate. An effect of the elimination of toxins is the loss of fat, hence, the loss of weight.

    Some rapid weight loss diets involve a very low calorie diet which can be harmful to your body. For example, certain tissues need carbohydrates in the form of blood sugar or glucose for fuel. If carbohydrates are not available from your diet, your body tries to get the blood sugar by breaking down proteins. This causes a loss of muscle which is protein tissue, your lean body mass. The amount of lean tissue affects your metabolism and losing muscle lowers your metabolism. With low-calorie rapid weight loss diets, regaining weight is almost certain which has detrimental physical and psychological effects. For more details on the harmful effects of a low calorie rapid weight loss diet, see this page.

    Nutritional cleansing, on the other hand, does not deprive your body of the nutrients it needs. Rather, nutritional cleansing provides important nutrients your body needs to function. The Isagenix system of cleansing provides nutrients that support your body's natural systems to help improve metabolism. Included among the many nutrients are trace minerals, protein, and low glycemic index fructose. Nutritional cleansing, when combined with a nutrient-dense, reduced calorie diet and regular exercise, can help you arrive at a healthy weight in a healthy manner. For some people, the loss of weight is faster than others.

  • I'm new to nutritional cleansing. I'm trying it for the first time and I seem to be going through some minor discomfort. Should I be worried?

    During the process of detoxification, you may experience some minor side effects. As impurities are being released from cells in your body, they make their way to your blood stream and then travel to your colon where they are expelled from your body. People with higher levels of toxins may experience stronger symptoms, but it is all temporary while the body eliminates the toxins. For more details about the possible side effects and how to deal with them, click the link below and review the section entitled "Possible Symptoms and Remedies."

    ~ Nutritional Cleansing Manual ~

  • The Isagenix cleansing system seems expensive. Is it? How much will it cost me?

    The Isagenix cleansing system is not a nutritional supplement, but a meal replacement system. The money you would spend on groceries is spent on the Isagenix system instead. A 9-day Isagenix cleansing program costs about $5.00 per meal. The 30-day program is about $3.82 per meal. Compare this to how much you spend on groceries, supplements, and eating out.

    According to March 2008 statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics Consumer Expenditure Survey, the average American spends $6.00 per meal. How much to you spend going out to restaurants? We all know that buying organic foods is a growing trend and organic foods can be expensive. How much to you spend buying organic food items? How much much time do you spend on food preparation and how much is your time worth?

    The Isagenix system can be comparable or less in price, and how much is good health worth to you? With the Isagenix system, everything is ready to go. You'll find yourself becoming more productive and spending less time being sick. Consider how much time and money we lose from sickness.

  • I could use some help getting through the cleansing program. Is there someone I can contact with questions?

    Try checking out the links on our Cleansing Coach page to see if anything there is helpful to you.

    You can post your questions in our online discussion forum. Someone who has been through the Isagenix cleansing programs will respond with their experience, suggestions, and advice to help you travel the road to health and wellness.

    You can also submit questions through our Contact us page.

  • What do doctors and health professionals say about nutritional cleansing?

    There are doctors and health professionals who endorse nutritional cleansing. Experts in the fields of medicine and health care serve on the Isagenix Scientific Advisory Board. Click the link below to read and listen to comments from professionals regarding the Isagenix nutritional cleansing system.

    ~ Doctor & Health Professional Endorsements ~

  • Have any medical studies been conducted on nutritional cleansing?

    Yes. A medical study sponsored by Isagenix was conducted on nutritional cleansing. The study examined the effects of this food technology on body composition, body systems, and blood chemistry. Click the link below for information about the study and its results.

    ~ Nutritional Cleansing - Medical Study ~