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Vitamin X

"What is Vitamin X" you ask?

E X E R C I S E !

The benefits of exercising can never be emphasized enough. The Mayo Clinic reports that exercise fights disease, improves your mood, helps manage your weight, promotes better sleep, strengthens your heart and lungs, can put the spark back into your sex life -- and it can be fun! Exercise promotes mental clarity.

Exercise can aid with the elimination of toxins that accumulate in our bodies. In the book, The Detox Manual, author Suzannah Olivier writes that exercise releases toxins through sweat and burning fat storing toxins. In addition, exercise stimulates your lymphatic system. Your lymphatic system has no pump system and it relies on physical activity to move lymph fluid throughout your body. Lymph fluid collects toxins and other harmful waste products which are then carried away to be expelled by your body. So a strong flow of lymph fluid is very beneficial.

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Aerobic Exercise


More About Exercise

Energy Tip

Do you want more energy during your aerobic type exercise? Here is a tip for you. Drink some of Isagenix's Want More Energy? electrolyte drink and take an IsaDelight chocolate 20 minutes before your exercise or sporting game starts. Like others, you may find that you have increased energy during your exercise that you never had before!

Combine this with a program of nutritional cleansing, and you'll really be rockin' and rollin' during your workouts and/or sports competitions!!

The Isagenix Competitive Edge

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