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Mindfulness through Meditation

When you hear the word "meditation," what generally comes to mind?

Sitting crossed legged?
Chanting strange sounds?
Tibetan monks?
Indian gurus?

While all these things may be related to meditation, meditation is really about one thing: becoming more intimate and acquainted with your own mind and being. Its purpose has blossomed into numerous forms practiced by many cultures throughout the centuries.

Meditation can be perfectly natural. Its premise is based on a simple, yet profound aphorism that draws itself from nature:

"Where your attention is,
is where you are."
-- Summum  

 © Copyright & courtesy of Summum.

Group Meditation

You are invited to attend philosophy class where we have a book reading and hold a group meditation. The class is held every Wednesday evening inside the Summum Pyramid. It begins with a very brief group meditation in which we sit in silence followed by a philosophy book reading. The class is approximately one hour long and is a great way to spend some time in peace and quiet.

Date:Every Wednesday evening

707 Genesee Avenue
Salt Lake City, Utah 84104


Free Meditation Instruction

Meditation is a means to enhance the fitness of your consciousness. There are many forms, each beneficial in its own way. At Forever Fit, we teach a meditation designed to help cleanse your mind so that you can spend some time free from the constant thoughts that bombard it. Combined with nutritional cleansing and exercise, this cleansing meditation will afford you a deeper experience of life.

Instruction in this meditation is free. If you would like to receive instruction or for more information, please contact us.

A Simple Meditation

Are you new to meditation? Click the link below to try a simple meditation and start on the road to better understanding yourself.

» A Simple Meditation «

Meditation Resources

Explore these links for a better understanding of meditation and how it can help you.

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